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Tuesday, 29-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
New Digi Camera/Guitar is in Hudd/And SNOW!!!!

Dennis Stu Carol n Horse in Castle
Me Stu n Dennis swapped hats
my Bedroom light being wierd
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Harro Ferrow forrowers (bin watchin Team America, Kim Jong RAWKS!!)
Not much info really but few new images for you all to peruse at your own free will

I bought a new digi camera cos I'm sick of my phone's unabaility to take pics in dark places (such as nights out) with which the following images were taken with

So brought my guitar up to Hudd, so instead of goin acoustic I'm plugging in and playing loud!!! Muhahahahaha
Rules have now got more material, including a song called 'Attractor Of The Shy Girl', 'High', 'Don't Flatter Yourself' and 'Montana', more info on them will follow as soon as it evolves.

Oh and as I returned I picked up my official Graduation pics 9will upload soon) but it didnt half snow in my hood (not to be confused with 'The Hudd')

So enjoy and if you love your family so much, prove it, go and buy a gun

Peace from Benson

Wednesday, 23-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
I'm a murderous person

The scene of crime
The weapon compared to a pen
The end of weapon used to kill
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Well, after few days of hearing scratching and actually spotting a mouse in my room, I put trap in with some left over kebab meat. Woke today to find the meat had been taken, but no mouse caught!!! Cheeky little begger got it without settin trap off!!!!

I had previously seen one hiding round my room n travellin in the 'tunnels' my oversized carpet had created, and had cut them so it was all smooth. . . except for behind my comp table and cupboard, so knew it was still using that area and ways of hiding.

So I got my bar from cupboard and ran it through the 'tunnel', it ran out and jumped upto the first level of my cupboard,s so got Phil to come in and if it ran out to stamp on it. I moved the bag of spare duvet covers etc out. . . nothing. Then slowly moved the spare curtains, and saw it run into the side of it hiding, but we saw the shadow, I aimed and SMACK! Hit it, hit it again, and then once more for good luck. Moved the curtain little more, and it was still moving, so used the screw bit of stick and hit it sweetly and the mouse was no more, that or it just wasnt moving cause I had broke its spine or something.

I then picked it up with a bag over my hand, and roled the bag over it so no contact with me and the vermin, and took it outside and its now in the wheelie bin waiting to be picked up by the council bin men tomorrow morning.

Two brews, corrie and a lot of soul searching, and fact finding( I know I have done the right thing, but the battle doesnt stop here, it was a young one so there must be a family around and need to take them all out.

So the plan is to speak with my housemates, and decide wether to get loads of traps from the above site (they look mint the big ones which drown them) or if we should borrow my mates cat for two weeks to kill the rest and leave a scent that basically says 'DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT COMIN' IN HERE'

So here are some pics of how it went down


Your murderous host,

Monday, 21-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hello, Haircuts/FA Cup/Re-piercing and the album of the year!!!!

From the front
And the back
Boundary park,4000 chasetown fans from nowhere
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Well after a week back home for none standard teaching week,
I'm back to update my blog
Quicker than rooney would ask your gran for a snog
No other way, this could be put
Basically I've had my hair cut
And added a bit of style
A blonde line on my head which took awhile

But on wed evening I went n watched the boys in blue
Which was the colour of my lips cos it was minus 2
On the thermometor
But at least the football we're playing is better
Chasing a town who we drew with 1-1
Bringing them here to get the job done
Which we did with a thrill
We walked away winning 4-0
Man of match, should've been Hughes
But glad Butcher didnt get any abuse
The scare over, without getting bored
Now at home innnext round to Brentford

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Ok, I'll stop there cos i dont know a word that rhymes with Tragus, which of mine I re-pierced after 2 yrs without it, felt it needed another run out. Hurt slightly, but it all ok an lookin funky

ALso, Got THEE album of this yr, System Of A Down's Hypnotize, 12 tracks of mayhem, metal, melody and music to fall in love with

Monday, 7-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Graduation/Matt's Jewish Bonfire/Taste Of Chaos tour

Hells yeah boy!
Matt did wear his mortar at the ceremony
Me n Tru, think he swallowed a wasp or somat
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Howdy howdy partners, another laborious update for you all since last weeks comings.

I'm the only person who can say I got the first bullseye on our dartbaord at our house!! I still lost all the games so I went home n cried to my parents all weekend

Only joking, I'm 21 not 2!! (I did go home though, that bits true)

Well on saturday I had my graduation ceremony for my HND in Performing Arts, was wierd meeting up with people I hadnt seen since college ended, but was cool seeing people I was still in contact with all looking as much of a fool as I did in the cap and gown. Shockingly I was the first to get up for an award (alphabetical order y'see), turned and aknowledged the crowd and got my award from my tutors who were in their own cap and gown get up.

Then saturday evening, instead of the planned film watching with Franki, we went down to watch Matt's bonfire and firework display, bit of rain but free alcoholic drinks made up for it (Franki was driving so didnt touch a drop) We left early due to unforseen events taking place (involving some sort of farmyard animal taking one too many liberites - dont ask if you dont know, kind of an in joke put here for the people who DO know what I mean) went home and watched the jackass film. The sight of Ryan Dunn putting a toy car up his rectum touched Franki's funny bone and I couldnt stop her so just left her to overcome herself (I woulda stepped in if she started turning blue dont worry)

Sunday, the holy day of rest as it was meant to be, until a phone call at 5 from Matt and it turned into a journey to manchester to catch The Taste Of Chaos tour ( ) involving FFAF/The Used/Killswitch Engage/Story of The Year/Rise Against/Reggie and The Full Effect. (Matt couldnt go so I went along with Laura the emo mosher you know its a joke ) Was a really good night (Killswitch the highlight) didnt get in any pits, left it to the kiddies, getting to old for it, gotta look after my body so it'll look after me later in life . Couldnt get pics of bands really cos the lighting kept messing my camera phone up, but got some cool vids of some songs now on my comp to watch to my hearts content. Also quick HUGE thank to Laura's dad for giving me a lift home, saved me sooo much time n got more rest for joureny back to hudd


(Laura I owe you a gig or two to repay you, I'll feel bad if I dont)

And now I'm back in Hudd in my room, listneing to tunes wondering where I put my wallet cos I need to top my phone up, oh and pay my landlord some rent. . . bummer.

Til next time kiddies, Au revior!

(also some other pics I thought you'd like to see)

Wednesday, 2-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Li'l update - Halloween/Advert cancellation/B'Pool

Phil (housemate n whose bird had party) n Ben
Me n C-Dog done up
On the pull
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Ok so this week i wasnt plannin anythin for hallowe'en, cos I had an advert booked in london with Patrick Stewart (Star Trek/X-Men) but was informed mon aft it was cancelled. So the party at Phil's birds flat was on, as well as going into town to Camel. Last minute costume make up, C-Dog came along for the rise and we had a fair few an had mint night, especially seeing as he didnt go home an came to uni next day in same outfit (playa!)

And now I'm sat at my comp with dodgy stomach (dodgy kebab for tea, was fit at the time) after being B'Pool to check the lights out. Saw the worlds biggest mirror ball, and had a little light show with it, thank God I wasnt tripping cos it felt wierd walking round it cos of all the lights moving with it.

So check the photo's from the last few days out.

Til next time, peace

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